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Staff policy

The main purpose of the Company in the sphere of HR management is the provision of the trunk pipelines system with staff, in required quantity and of required quality, who is interested in long-term labor relations, as well as the improvement of HR cost efficiency.

Thus, the staff policy of the Company addresses the following issues:

  • completion of Transneft system organizations with a highly qualified personnel and maintenance of their stability;
  • improvement and increase of the quality of training, retraining and advanced training of the employees in line with directions of innovation development of the Company;
  • increasing the flexibility of the system of material and non-material motivation with regard to the regional factors and position of certain professional groups in the labor market, creation of a competitive remuneration system;
  • improvement of the labor efficiency control system.

Development and implementation of measures in the area of HR management at Transneft are aimed to achieving objectives of strategic development of the Company in view of implementation of projects of the trunk pipeline transport system development in the Russian Federation.

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